'RHOM' Joanna Krupa's Confession About Her Sex Life Is Painfully Honest

joanna krupa romain zagoReal Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa is so freakin' gorgeous, you might glance at her and think every day of her life is charmed. But the newlywed -- who tied the knot with longtime BF club owner Romain Zago in June -- set the record straight recently, telling Life & Style that her life isn't as perfect as it appears. At least not her sex life

She confessed Romain "can go forever without [sex]. Then when we have a conversation, it turns into an argument. He doesn’t feel anything is wrong -- and I just want to be thrown down.” Whoa! I can't believe/I'm so impressed with how forthcoming she's being about their challenges in the bedroom!


Joanna shared that they've been going to therapy together for three months, elaborating:

Since I met him, something was off. I now feel that the issue of him not caring to have sex as much as I do has to come from his childhood.

Ugh, my heart goes out to her. Being with a guy whose libido is lower than yours is NOT an easy cross to bear. Especially since we live in a society that tells us men are supposed to be constantly craving sex and ready for it at the drop of a hat! That can really set a woman in Joanna's shoes up for some seriously rough feelings of inadequacy and insecurity -- even when the imbalance may have absolutely nothing to do with the relationship or the man's desire for his partner. Instead, low libido or disinterest might be related to something like stress, medications, mental or physical issues/illness, or hormonal imbalance.

That said, it sounds like Joanna is really handling an especially challenging situation in the best possible way. She's communicating with Romain -- and they've even made a conscious effort to boost intimacy. She admitted that they've taken to scheduling sex, explaining:

Sometimes it’s once a week, sometimes every other week, sometimes every three weeks. We made a commitment when we got married. I just want to feel the passion.

Aww. Good for both of them for putting in the work! Of course, the idea of scheduling sex is a turn-off for some, but if it keeps the "passion" alive for a couple, it makes perfect sense. After all, even sex that Siri has to remind you about is better than no sex at all, right?

What do you think about Joanna's conundrum? If you've ever been in a similar situation, how did you cope?

Image via Kris Kan/Bravo

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