Which 'Real Housewives' Couple Has What It Takes to Go the Distance? (PHOTOS)

nene leakes and gregg, real housewives atlantaThe best thing about any iteration of The Real Housewives franchise is the drama that's constantly erupting between the ladies themselves. The second best thing is learning that if you have the dollars and look hard enough, you can find a seemingly never-ending array of body-con dresses to suit any and all occasions should you feel so moved.

The third best thing? It's a toss-up between the hair and the exploits of Lisa Vanderpump's original doggy-OG, Giggy.* I kid, I kid -- it's the romantic roller coaster rides of the shows' couples. They have been there and back again -- and we've been more than happy to go along with them!


We've seen good dates and bad dates and marriages we never thought would last and marriages that should have never started. Then again, we've been lucky enough to see true love as it blooms between couples who are sure to grow old together. Join us as we trot out five of our favorite Real Housewives couples. We'll dish on who we think will last, who is headed for disaster, and who is already there.

*Seriously though, I would be totally willing to watch just Giggy for a solid hour. Or 10.


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