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Which 'Real Housewives' Couple Has What It Takes to Go the Distance? (PHOTOS)

nene leakes and gregg, real housewives atlantaThe best thing about any iteration of The Real Housewives franchise is the drama that's constantly erupting between the ladies themselves. The second best thing is learning that if you have the dollars and look hard enough, you can find a seemingly never-ending array of body-con dresses to suit any and all occasions should you feel so moved.

The third best thing? It's a toss-up between the hair and the exploits of Lisa Vanderpump's original doggy-OG, Giggy.* I kid, I kid -- it's the romantic roller coaster rides of the shows' couples. They have been there and back again -- and we've been more than happy to go along with them!

We've seen good dates and bad dates and marriages we never thought would last and marriages that should have never started. Then again, we've been lucky enough to see true love as it blooms between couples who are sure to grow old together. Join us as we trot out five of our favorite Real Housewives couples. We'll dish on who we think will last, who is headed for disaster, and who is already there.

*Seriously though, I would be totally willing to watch just Giggy for a solid hour. Or 10.


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1Teresa and Joe Guidice

Names: Teresa and Joe Guidice

Years active: 12

Likelihood of staying together: 68%

Team motto: All That Glitters Will Eventually Get You Thrown in Jail

Career highlight: The formerly small-chested Teresa desired larger jugs and opted for surgical enhancement. Though many crass jokes were made, it's clear Joe was into her body either way and simply wanted her to be happy.

Career low: Where to begin? Joe's cheating allegations? Teresa's unhinged relationship with her brother and sister-in-law? The fact that they both might be going to jail? It's all awful, but there was something beyond cringe-inducing about Joe's OBVIOUS phone call to another woman while the family went on a group road-trip.

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2Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge

Names: Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge

Years active: < 1

Likelihood of staying together: 80%

Team motto: Rock Hards Abs = Rock Hard Union

Career highlight: When your love is so stellar, it inspires a spinoff, that's always a good thing. Plus a certain, early-on scene of a romantic bubble-bath took our breath away!

Career low: Tam Tam literally had to go out shopping for a dress to get the trigger-shy Eddie to set a date. It was rough going there for a little while, but everything turned out all right in the end ... for now!

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3Joanna Krupa and Romain Zago

Names: Joanna Krupa and Romain Zago

Years active: < 1

Likelihood of staying together: 30%

Team motto: My Love Don't Cost ... Less Than a Car and Many Pieces of Jewelry

Career highlight: Romain really knocked his re-proposal out of the park, gifting his lady fair with some elegant jewels and some hopeful words for their future.

Career low: The fact that a re-proposal had to happen doesn't bode well. Plus, then there's the whole "no sex at all ever" thing. Yeah.

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4Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers

Names: Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers

Years active: ....

Likelihood of staying together: .0001%

Team motto: Love on the Rocks / Call Me (Maybe Never)

Career highlight: It's hard to find highlights of something that's been a disaster from the beginning. I guess when Vicki and Brooks went to taste test her new vodka (or as she calls it, "vokka") and she promised Brooks to integrate him into her family life? Man. That is a low, low highlight.

Career low: They are breaking up and making up every five seconds. They broke up yesterday. Tomorrow they may elope. Either way, it's a non-starter -- Vicki's kids think he's scum and her friends totally agree.

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5NeNe and Gregg Leakes

Names: NeNe Leakes and Gregg Leakes

Years active: >13

Likelihood of staying together: 90%

Team motto: Nothing a Little Divorce Can't Fix

Career highlight: Gregg's romantic second proposal! After a year apart, the couple realized how much they meant to each other and jumped back into each other's arms -- a place NeNe had never wanted to leave to begin with. 

Career low: The events preceeding their divorce. Gregg had money problems and accused the newly famous NeNe of letting the success of the show go to her head. People who had zero time for such nonsense? NeNe.

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