10 Gooder Than Grits Redneck Reality Shows That'll Have You Sayin' Yee Haw!

Honey Boo BooReality TV has been dominated in the past decade by high-flying shows that focus on the stars' beauty, wealth, and life of luxury. Whether it's the Kardashians in their mansions or the Real Housewives with their real jewelry and fake boobs, reality TV is as far from most Americans' "reality" as it gets. Until recently. Suddenly, the latest reality show celebs speak with distinct twangs and drawls, live in trailers and swamps, and are more about hogs and pit bulls than race horses and Pomeranians. They also may or may not have seen a dentist -- ever.

Call it a backlash. Call it a desire to see a way of life that's slightly more "real" than what the one percenters live. Call it sketti. Call it a Redneck Renaissance. Here are 10 redneck shows that will have you embracing your inner Wranglers with plaid thermals, slapping your knee, and sayin', "Dern' tootin'!"


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