10 Gooder Than Grits Redneck Reality Shows That'll Have You Sayin' Yee Haw!

Kiri Blakeley | Aug 29, 2013 Celebrities
10 Gooder Than Grits Redneck Reality Shows That'll Have You Sayin' Yee Haw!

Honey Boo BooReality TV has been dominated in the past decade by high-flying shows that focus on the stars' beauty, wealth, and life of luxury. Whether it's the Kardashians in their mansions or the Real Housewives with their real jewelry and fake boobs, reality TV is as far from most Americans' "reality" as it gets. Until recently. Suddenly, the latest reality show celebs speak with distinct twangs and drawls, live in trailers and swamps, and are more about hogs and pit bulls than race horses and Pomeranians. They also may or may not have seen a dentist -- ever.

Call it a backlash. Call it a desire to see a way of life that's slightly more "real" than what the one percenters live. Call it sketti. Call it a Redneck Renaissance. Here are 10 redneck shows that will have you embracing your inner Wranglers with plaid thermals, slapping your knee, and sayin', "Dern' tootin'!"

  • Here Comes Honey Boo Boo


    Image via TLC

    Honey Boo Boo follows the adventures of 7-year-old Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson and her hillbilly-esque family, including Mama June and Sugar Bear. The names alone are redneck heaven: Besides Honey Boo Boo, there's Pumpkin, Chickadee, and Chubbs. Non-rednecks were horrified at Honey's "Go Go Juice" of Red Bull and Mountain Dew. It's one of cable's highest rated shows.

  • Duck Dynasty


    Image via A&E

    Duck Dynasty recently drew 11.8 million viewers to its saga of a hairy family who became wealthy off a duck hunting business, making it the highest rated non-fiction cable show in history. But that didn't stop one of its long-bearded stars, Jase Robertson, from getting kicked out of a New York City hotel after being mistaken for a homeless man.

  • The Legend of Shelby the Swampman


    Image via History Channel

    Legendary "swamp man" and logger Shelby Stanga rules the Louisiana Bayou with his trusty speedboat. This season, Shelby, whose laughing cackle and clipped drawl often makes him unintelligible, wrangles gators, clears swamp rats, and hunts hogs. Shelby has ruled the History Channel for four seasons.

  • Buckwild


    Image via MTV

    MTV's Buckwild only lasted one season thanks to the untimely "off-roading" accident death of one of its young stars (along with his uncle and a friend), but before it left the air, viewers were treated to its nine cast members mud racing, squirrel hunting, and rope swinging in the backwoods of West Virginia. The state's senator was not too happy about the show's depiction of that area's young folk, calling for a boycott of the "shameful" show.

  • Moonshiners


    Image via Discovery Channel

    Moonshiners follows the life of Tim and Tickle, who produce illegal moonshine in the Appalachian Mountains. Even though local authorities claim that no illegal shine is really being made (errkay), the duo are constantly being chased by the long arm of the law in the form of Sheriff Chuck. Think of it as the Dukes of Hazard with moonshine. Oh wait, Dukes had moonshine too. So just think of it as the Dukes of Hazard without Daisy. On a side note: Tickle was just given his own show. You can't keep a good redneck down.

  • Backyard Oil


    Image via Discovery Channel

    These days, there's more filming going on in the Appalachian Mountains than in Vancouver. Backyard Oil follows another Appalachian clan -- this one the "boot strappin" oil men Jimmy and his "howlin' sidekick" Mad Dog. Don't forget "greasy old pole cat" Coomer, who is actually rich thanks to striking oil in his backyard (this happens?). Just think of this one as the Beverly Hillbillies if they never left for Beverly Hills.

  • Myrtle Manor


    Image via TLC

    Myrtle Manor follows the lives of the residents of a Myrtle Beach, South Carolina trailer park. The cast brings the drama with relationship dysfunction, drinking problems, and financial issues with the family-run hair salon and a hot dog business. Think of it as Real Housewives of Some Trailer Park in the Middle of Bumf**k.

  • Pit Bulls & Parolees


    Image via Animal Planet

    Pit Bulls & Parolees pairs pit bull advocate Tia Torres and ex-convicts who rehabilitate and retrain at-risk and sometimes abused pit bulls. She's determined to show this much maligned breed for the champion sweeties they can be while helping rehab some of the scruffy criminals who need help too. Aw, that's so nice I can't even make fun of it. Go Tia! She's like the Brandi Glanville of the pit bull world. Well, maybe not. This has been one of Animal Planet's most popular shows.

  • Swamp People


    Image via History Channel

    I'm not sure if "swamp people" qualify as rednecks (forgive me, I am not up on the vagaries of redneck sects), but if you look at this dude in the overalls -- well, that's my childhood dream of a redneck right there! Swamp People follows another bunch of craggy types who live in the swamps of Louisiana. Damn, that real estate is more crowded than Brooklyn. The show follows the adventures of Cajun alligator hunters as they eke out a living in the marshes of the bayou. There's a lot of overalls and fatigue caps involved.

  • Street Outlaws


    Image via Discovery Channel

    Street Outlaws follows the, in the words of the Discovery Channel's press operations, "redneck antics" of the world of illegal street racing. So at least I know these are rednecks. But I'm sure, just like Moonshiners, there's nothing really illegal going on here. Because that would be pretty irresponsible, to condone a dangerous sport just for a TV show, wouldn't it? Hello? Anyone?

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