Katie Holmes Still Fears 'Stalker' Ex Tom Cruise & His Scientology Cronies

We lost 'em! High five!
Ewwww, how creepy is this? A year after her divorce from Tom Cruise, reportedly Katie Holmes is still worried about being followed by Scientologist goons members. A plain-clothed guard reportedly working for Katie confronted photographers who were taking pics on the set of Miss Meadows, Katie's new movie, in Cleveland, Ohio, and wanted to know if the wacky Scientology cult church had sent him over to spy on escapee former member Katie and "chosen one" Suri.


The guard allegedly told the photographer that he and his crew were directed to "keep our eyes open for anything suspicious and to report it." Jeez, what kind of security guard wanders around giving strangers personal info like that? But maybe he felt bad after the fotogs gave up their identification to prove they weren't Scientolospies.

Once Katie's team was reassured that the fotogs weren't refugees from the Galactic Confederacy, Katie seemed to "relax" and walked through the set with Suri. The photographer told the Daily Mail:

When security knew we were only trying to take pictures it definitely seemed to make a difference to how she and Suri are moving around. Katie was previously being ushered straight into a vehicle and we hardly saw her, but now she seems less anxious.

Of course, Katie's rep denies that Katie is worried about Scientolospies. Because we'd never hear from Katie's rep again if she admitted it. Haha! Joke. (And if I suddenly go on a very long "vacation" after this post, you'll know why.)

But seriously, this is pretty creepy, no? Divorce can get sticky when it goes on with a regular dude, but divorcing a Scientologist seems to mean divorcing an entire religion. And apparently they don't like that.

Luckily, Katie has the cash to hire security. Other women aren't so lucky. Plenty of women are stalked by their exes every year, and some of them end in tragedy.

I doubt that will happen to Katie, but it must be stressful worrying that your every move is tracked and reported back to your ex -- if indeed that's really happening.

Non-celebs worried about their exes usually need to rely on things like moving, changing phone numbers, and getting a restraining order. Or, if the guy isn't making threats but is being controlling, investing in a lot of therapy so you don't lose your shit with him and possibly make things worse.

Poor Katie. But at least she escaped broke out is free is doing well.

Do you believe she's being followed? Have you ever had issues with an ex keeping tabs on you?

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