Miley Cyrus Has Nothing On These Awesome Senior Citizens Reacting to Twerking (VIDEO)

The Miley Cyrus VMA controversy has gripped the media with a fervor, hasn't it?  A sampling of current headlines: Miley Cyrus Criticized for Raunchy MTV Video Music Awards Performance, Miley Cyrus' VMA Performance Blasted by Parents Television Council, and this finger-wagging advice from CNN: If Miley Cyrus Outrages You, Don't Watch. Miley's performance on Sunday night seems to have launched a national conversation about twerking, too -- despite the fact that the wildly unattractive butt-flapping thing she was doing onstage really looked NOTHING like twerking.

Anyway, if you're sick and tired of hearing about Miley and her booty-grinding, cow-tongue VMA performance, may I offer a fantastic alternative in the form of the "Elders React to Twerking" video? Published by The Fine Bros YouTube channel, this clip of senior citizens watching twerking for the first time is the funniest thing I've seen all week.


The Elders React series has covered Justin Bieber, Jersey Shore, Grand Theft Auto, Gangnam Style, Nyan cat, and Skrillex -- but this video of older people reacting to twerking (I just finally told my text editing program to "Learn spelling" for that stupid word, since it REALLY wanted to change it to "tweaking") might be the best one so far. Check it out:

Haaaaaaa! How great are some of those quotes?

"This isn't something you're supposed to do in public, I take it."
"She looks like she's riding a horse."
"'Course it looks good on young people, I don't know about the older set."
"They need a doorway for this?"
"Oh, I'm sure their parents are so proud."
"That's a little bit different from the stuff I used to do."
"My bottom just doesn't go that way!"
"I guess if I was finishing off a pitcher of beer in a strip club, it'd look pretty good."
"These girls are giving it away to the lowest bidder!"

Their reactions to the twerking videos are classic, and it's pretty great when a few of them give the dance move a try afterwards -- but I also love the advice they start sharing at around 6:00 in the clip, when they admit they can't imagine being a parent today. "My hat's off to you, younger generation," one man says, shaking his head.

What did you think of this video? Better than watching Miley, right?

Image via YouTube

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