How Are You Explaining Miley to Your Kids? 'The Stir' Writers Discuss! (VIDEO)

Moms Matter Google Hangout

Love it or hate it, we can't stop talking about Miley Cyrus's VMA performance.

Personally, I'm still cringing, and my eyes burn every time I even think about it. I have never been more embarrassed for someone than I was for Miley at that moment.

The problem I'm having now is that my 9-year-old daughter is currently obsessed with Hannah Montana -- and she doesn't understand why she's not allowed to download Miley's newest, erm, body of work.

Several writers for The Stir talked with me today about how to explain "the new Miley" to our kids in this week's Moms Matter Google Hangout. Check it out -- and give me your best advice in the comments!


One interesting point that emerged during this discussion was that it's really not realistic to simply try to keep our kids from seeing and hearing the new Miley, particularly once they're school-aged. Our kids are being exposed to this stuff whether we like it or not -- at school, at friends' houses, on smartphones and on iPad and on computers and televisions. I have a parent lock on our TV, I don't allow my kids to do searches or look at YouTube on the Internet, and we don't listen to pop music -- yet my daughter still heard Miley's "We Like to Party" after a neighbor played it for her on her iPad when she came over to our house. UGH.

I had the 'wonderful' experience of explaining to my daughter why she couldn't download that song, even though it was performed by her beloved "Hannah Montana." I explained to my daughter that Miley was making bad choices lately, and that by trying to convince people she was an adult, she was overdoing it and acting more like a child than ever. I didn't enjoy having to have that conversation, but in retrospect I'm glad we did. Now, my daughter understands why she can't watch or listen to the latest Miley music -- and she's more likely (at this point anyway) to make the decision not to watch or listen to her even at a friend's house, even when I'm not around. This made me realize that it's more important to explain why we believe what we believe to our kids than to simply ban things without context.

I realize she has the right to say and do whatever she wants ... but I have to admit, I'm irritated as a mother that the actress known best to our children as "Hannah Montana" has chosen this route.

Those are my thoughts on the matter -- what are yours? How are you explaining Miley's actions to your kids? How will you do it if the subject comes up? And are you as irritated as I am that she's become such a moral "don't" for our kids?


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