Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones Separated After a 'Stressful' Marriage

Michael DouglasOh noooo, it looks like another Hollywood marriage may have bitten the red carpet dust. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are  taking a "break" from their stressful marriage. Their rep says:

Catherine and Michael are taking some time apart to evaluate and work on their marriage.

The couple have been married 13 years and have two young children. I'm not gonna say this is a total shockaroo, given everything that these two have been through. There was Michael's throat cancer scare. Catherine's struggles with bipolar disorder. But they seemed to hang on and come through it all. What happened?


Sources told People magazine about their various health issues: "The stress has taken a toll on their marriage."

The pair haven't been seen together since April -- and when you do see them together, they don't seem that happy. Which isn't surprising, given everything they've dealt with lately.

There was that whole "oral sex" thing too. Remember how Michael said his throat cancer was caused by HPV, which he got through oral sex? Of course, this made everyone wonder about Catherine. I think that was a brave thing for him to say and raised the awareness of this particular risk, but Catherine may not have been happy about it, considering that may have revealed a private health issue. A reporter even went so far as to ask her about it, and she snapped, "Next question."

Tellingly, one of Michael's reps then tried to deny that Michael was talking about himself. All righty, then.

Catherine also checked into a mental health clinic in April to deal with her bipolar disorder. At the time it was described as a "proactive" move and "maintenance" for her condition.

All of this would be enough to break a lot of marriages, so it's not too surprising that Michael and Catherine are supposedly taking a break from each other. They haven't filed for divorce.

Michael is reportedly at their home in Sardinia while Catherine remains in New York. Additionally, they've reportedly been living in separate homes -- one in Manhattan, and one in upstate New York.

Unlike a lot of couples, their multiple homes give them the opportunity to get a rest from each other. I don't care how in love you are, after 13 years, it's nice to get away from your spouse's face and voice just for a little bit occasionally. There's nothing inherently wrong with taking a break from your spouse.

But if it goes on too long, you might just discover you like life apart better than together. Remains to be seen if this is what will happen with Michael and Catherine.

Have you ever taken a "break" from your marriage?


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