Kristen Stewart's Dark Hair & New Tattoo Make Her Look Nothing Like Kristen Stewart

Kristen StewartWhoa! Talk about a transformation! Wait until you see photos of Kristen Stewart's black hair and the new tattoo that was spotted on her arm while filming scenes in Berlin for her new movie, Sils Maria.

I know, I know -- I was relieved as hell when I realized that her new ink is fake and that she chose to switch up things in the hair department for the sake of a film, not because she wanted to try out a bold new look.

OMG. Are you even believing those pics? She's almost unrecognizable -- but the annoyed look on her face totally gives her away as KStew. (Come on, you'd be pissed off too if photographers wouldn't leave you alone.)


Ok, back to the hair and tattoo. First of all -- this darker shade completely washes her out and makes her look even pastier than she normally is, which isn't a good thing. When she has lighter shade of brown and reddish highlights going on, it really brightens her up and makes her face stand out more.

And as far as the tattoo goes -- this one is definitely way too big for her petite frame. Remember back in June when Kristen got that tiny tat on her wrist? Yeah, that one was cute and subtle and suited her perfectly. But this one is kind of an eyesore -- so thankfully it'll magically disappear once she's done filming.

But even though this new, darker style isn't really Kristen's best look, it must be kind of fun to experiment with different appearances for the sake of doing movies, especially since she's being paid to do so. 

Oh come on, wouldn't you wear fake tattoos and go for jet black hair if a big fat salary came along with it? (I know I would.)

What do you think of KStew with darker hair and more ink?


Image via Splash

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