Jaden Smith Wasn't Horrified by Miley’s Twerking But These Celebs Were (Sort Of) (VIDEO)

Will Smith Miley CyrusOh man, did you guys see that AMAZING image of Will Smith and his family reacting to Miley Cyrus's deranged VMA performance? It's pretty much the greatest photo in the world: Jaden's face is crumpled in dismay, Willow's frozen in gaping horror, Will seems to be reeling back from whatever tongue-lolling insanity is happening onstage, and Jada's so shocked she's got her hand over her mouth.  

The only problem with this hilarious audience cam moment that seemed to so perfectly sum up what most of us thought of Miley's performance is that the Smith family wasn't reacting to Miley -- the photo was actually captured when Lady Gaga was singing.

I'm sorry to debunk the context of this deeply awesome reaction shot, but never fear! I've got four other equally fantastic images of famous faces watching Miley doing her twerking/foam-finger-fellating thing last Sunday night.


Here's the full image of the Smith family photo:

As it turns out, they weren't even really flipping out over Lady Gaga -- Willow's mouth is open because she's chewing gum like a boss:

The Smith clan's photo may have been misleading, but surely SOMEONE in the audience had a good reaction to Miley, right? Being as how she came out looking like this?

(Two words, Miley: tongue scraper.)

As it turns out, there were a few good facial responses caught on camera. Here are Rihanna and the One Direction boys looking less than impressed with Miley's stage antics:

HA. Rihanna's crew gives great bitchface.

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez didn't seem quite so stony, but rather deeply confused:

As for Drake, he couldn't even look:

Drake's depressed vibe was instantly converted to a meme that pretty much said what we were all thinking:

Last but not least, some GENIUS put this Breaking Bad/VMAs mashup video together -- check out Hank and Marie reacting to Miley:

Which one of these best mirrors your own reaction to Miley Cyrus's VMA performance?

Images via MTV

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