Suki Waterhouse & Bradley Cooper's Big Age Difference Makes Us Wonder How Long They'll Last

Suki Waterhouse and Bradley CooperIt feels like just yesterday we were privileged to the first photos of Bradley Cooper and his then 20-year-old girlfriend model Suki Waterhouse. You know, right after Cooper made a big splash in the media saying that his Silver Linings Playbook costar Jennifer Lawrence was "too young for him." Well, the couple who everyone thought was just reaching out for publicity back in April is still going strong nearly five months later. They were most recently spotted canoodling in Paris, relaxing in a park and reading a book.

She may or may not look like she's 16 years old in her overall and sneaker getup, which makes me feel a little awkward. I'll also note that no one really lays like that comfortably to read a book together. Regardless, they seem pretty engrossed in one another and happy. A happy that no one expected.

... could it be that Suki and Bradley are legit? Seems like the 17-year age gap isn't really fazing them, so why should it bother us -- right?


The thing with age and relationships is that so many people are just used to two people dating that are close in age. A few years here and there, that's not something that brings up a red flag. But a 17-year age gap? Obviously people ask questions. Why is Bradley into this younger girl? Is it only for her looks? Why does Suki want to date someone who is so much older than her? Is she with him for the money?

We don't know. And although it may not be my style to date that much older, I truly do believe you can't help who you fall for. Maybe Bradley and Suki will be together for years to come because they've found qualities in one another that make them happy (personally, I doubt it). Maybe they'll call off the whole thing next week.

At the end of the day, though, you love who you love and heck -- you're entitled.

What do you think of Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse together?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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