Guess Which 'Real Housewives of Miami' Star Is Destined to Be the Most Hated (VIDEO)

Joanna Krupa is bad in bed??

As someone who has been through it first hand, I’ve got a BAD feeling about Lea Black and this season of The Real Housewives of Miami. It's as though Lea is mirroring Jill Zarin in season 3 New York and in the video below I’ll tell you why.


Though Miami is still a new kid on the block in the Housewives franchise, there are a LOT of themes that have major Mom appeal. Alexia Echevarria continues to try to manage her son’s issues; Frankie is healing physically while Peter needs emotional rehabilitation. Alexia worries to her mother that their ex-convict father is a bad seed and can she overcome this? Mama says yes, of course, and in the next breath reminds her that if she’d listened to her mother, she could be married to the Prince of Spain instead. Umm, thanks a lot, Mom.

Adriana de Moura, poor, misguided soul, is CLINGING to the idea that she’s not really married. Except she is. What do YOU think she should do in this situation? I give my advice ... we’ll have to see whether she heads in that direction.

Joanna Krupa gets some disturbing news about her prowess in the bedroom from her fiancé, Romain. If that was real ... that was RUDE.

Who can’t relate to a woman desperate to have a baby? Lisa Hochstein’s fertility plight would make anyone feel sorry for her ... until she continues to act like a producer’s puppet by stirring the drama. Is she just doing her job or enjoying it a little too much? Check out all this and more in my recap!

Which RHOM do you love watching most?

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