'Sister Wives' Mystery: How Does Kody Brown Support His (Giant) Family?

sister wivesSo, if you're a Sister Wives fan -- even if you're not -- you've probably been wondering about something: Exactly how in the hell does Kody Brown support his gigantic family?? Cause, no matter how you feel about plural marriage, there's no way around the fact that there are a whole lotta Browns, and taking care of those kids has gotta be costing somebody a whole lotta money. But who? And how??


There seems to be no real answer, but we did manage to dig up a few clues. Apparently before TLC came along and made Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn big-time reality TV stars, Kody made a living doing Internet advertising sales. Okay, but how MUCH of a living?? According to Celebrity Networth, Kody Brown is worth $300,000. Hmm ... which maybe, MAYBE would have paid for one of the four brand new houses in Vegas? Janelle, meanwhile, runs a business called "E Z Pantry," described as a service to “provide, market, design, sell, or trade in the food storage industry.” Okay, sounds boring as all get-out, which means it's probably fairly lucrative, but still. Meri lost her (never really defined) job when the family came out on TV, so since then, the rest of the family (Meri, Christine, and now Robyn) have pretty much been stay-at-home moms (apart from the whole My Sister Wife's Closet jewelry biz, which isn't making anybody rich just yet). Now, with 17 kids, you kind of need three stay-at-home moms -- but that still doesn't explain where the rest of the money is coming from. 

So the real question, then, is how much does the family get paid per episode of Sister Wives?? Nobody's telling, but from other reality TV show salaries ($250,000 per episode for Kate Plus 8 and $1 million for Sarah Palin's Alaska), we can assume they're getting at least $50K per show. 

And that sort of answers our question, for now. Hope they get some major endorsement deals before Sister Wives goes off the air!!

Do you ever wonder about how the Brown family makes money?


Image via TLC

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