Khloe Kardashian Finds Missing Lamar Odom But Can She Save Him?

Khloe KardashianThe rumors leaking out about Lamar Odom are just insane and, if true, just heartbreaking! According to TMZ, Lamar has been addicted to drugs for at least two years. He already left rehab once. And after refusing a family intervention last week, Khloe reportedly kicked him out of their house. Lamar then disappeared. I can only imagine what Khloe went through trying to find him, and worrying about him. I mean, if this stuff is true. It's so out there, that I don't know what to believe! But after being missing for a couple of days, TMZ reports that Lamar has been found!


Sources told TMZ that Khloe tracked Lamar down at an undisclosed location. Lamar has apparently been addicted to crack cocaine for awhile now. OMG. That just sounds horrible! Poor Khloe. Poor Lamar.

Khloe is reportedly refusing to get back with Lamar -- but her one and only goal right now is to save his life. She has not filed for divorce, she just wants to help him.

Well, unfortunately, ONLY the addict himself can save himself. Khloe can do everything and anything to try, but at the end of the day, it's really only Lamar who can pull himself out of this.

But it doesn't surprise me at all that Khloe isn't turning her back on him. She's an incredibly strong person. And she loves him. She must realize that anyone under the influence of a drug isn't acting like himself.

She's determined to save him even if he's not the person she married. That takes true guts, true empathy, true love.

I just hope that she doesn't destroy herself in the process. All the best to Khloe and Lamar.

Do you think Khloe can save Lamar?


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