Miley Cyrus Took Her Tongue to the VMAs Instead of Liam Hemsworth (VIDEO)

miley cyrusIf you missed Miley Cyrus' performance on the VMAs on Sunday, you're lucky. Your retinas are still in tact. If you didn't, well, I'm sorry. Your peepers likely spontateously combusted and from what I've heard, that's a rather unpleasant experience.

But never mind Miley's why-bother-even-wearing-clothes outfit. Never mind her twerking. Never mind her bending down and gyrating up against Robin Thicke's crotch. Miley's tongue, you guys. What was up with Miley's tongue? It was as if she sat Liam Hemsworth down and told him, "Look, Liam. I can't bring you to the VMAs this year. I'm going with someone else. My tongue." That thing didn't stay in her mouth for more than a nanosecond last night!

Don't believe me? Check out Miley's dirrrrty performance, followed by a photo gallery of her and her tongue. And you thought you were going to do something high-brow today. LOLZ!



Thoughts on Miley's tongue?


Images via MTV

  • Miley's Tongue's First Appearance




    Side tongue. Getting warmed up.

  • Miley's Tongue's Second Appearance




    Interpretive dance tongue.

  • Miley's Tongue's Third Appearance




    Who's got one thumb and loves tongues? This girl!

  • Miley's Tongue's Fourth Appearance



    Everything about this picture is just ... no.

  • Miley's Tongue's Fifth & Final Appearance




    Foam finger through the crotch tongue. A timeless classic originally started by Queen Elizabeth, I believe.


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