'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Kim Kardashian Serves Placenta to Her Unsuspecting Family

Kim KardashianEww! Keeping Up With the Kardashians tonight was not for those with weak stomachs. Kim Kardashian was considering whether she would be eating the placenta when her baby was born.

Kourtney, of course, was all for it, saying she'd eat some of Kim's placenta too. She said she wanted to have a third child just so she could eat the placenta. The rest of the family -- Bruce and Kris Jenner in particular -- were grossed out by the notion.

It really bothered Kim that they weren't more open and understanding, and so she decided to teach them a lesson. The plan: She and Kourtney would order a random woman's placenta off the internet, cook it, and serve it to their unsuspecting family. Only once they gobbled it down would they reveal what they had served to them.


I was honestly open-mouthed in disgust and horror that they would actually go through with it. But there they were doing so.  Now, I know there are definitely benefits to eating one's own placenta, and I think it's great for women who want to so. But to make your family eat that of a stranger and not tell them what it really is -- well, that's just wrong. 

Jonathan Cheban, Kris, Bruce all ate it and were reasonably appalled when Kourtney and Kim broke the news to them about what they had just eaten. No one wretched right there at the table, but they would have been justified in doing so. I know the family plays pranks all the time, but this just went way too far.

Fortunately, later in the show the girls revealed (at least to viewers) that it was not in fact placenta -- it was brisket. Phew! But they had yet to tell those that sampled it, so they still think they ate it, which was bad enough. Even though I was relieved to know that the whole thing wasn't quite as gross as I thought it was, it was still pretty bad.

So now, the questions we're all dying to know -- did Kim really end up eating the placenta after North was born? And perhaps, more importantly, did she give Kourtney a bite?

Do you think Kim and Kourtney's prank went too far? Would you/did you eat your own placenta?


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