Rapper Slams His Babysitter Online & She Slaps Him with a Lawsuit

Rapper The Game has been slapped with what is being described as the first Instagram defamation lawsuit. He accused his former babysitter of all kinds of horrible actions, and then posted a picture of her on his Instagram account to his 1.1 million followers, and links to her social media accounts. The babysitter, Karen Monroe, says that ever since that, she has not been able to work, she is receiving death threats, and she can't sleep. The idea of warning other people about babysitters (or anyone, really) whom you feel has done you harm and may do others harm is very tempting in this world of instant communication, but it's also fraught with risk.


I won't repeat the allegations that The Game makes in his Instagram rant here, because if they are untrue, it's unfair to the babysitter. However, they are bad enough that they go beyond "she's not a good babysitter" and go into legally hot territory. He also makes it clear that he didn't experience all of these alleged infractions himself -- rather that he "heard" about them from other people.

Frankly, the amount of issues he has with his babysitter, and the seriousness of the charges, makes me wonder how she got past babysitting for his children for one day, let alone for the amount of time she would have had to have been working for The Game (real name: Jayceon Terrell Taylor) to have racked up all of these infractions. One of them alone would have been enough for most people to fire her.

He then goes into rumor territory -- saying how he heard she's doing this, that, and the other thing to other kids -- and some of the charges are truly outrageous and serious. Enough that her employment could be completely affected.

Additionally, he talks about another celebrity, Kelis, whom she is supposedly babysitting for, and then all of the terrible things she supposedly does to Kelis' kid. And he knows this ... how??

He ends his tirade by threatening her with physical violence.

Anyway, it all sounds like a big rant (which he since deleted) that may or may not have truth to it. But he believed she was a true danger to children, he should have called the authorities, or gone through more proper channels. And kept his review of her babysitting skills strictly to what he actually witnessed. Additionally, he could have called people whom she was working for and expressed his concern and shared his own experience.

Trolling through the rapper's Instagram and Twitter feed, it's clear his children are his life. So it's understandable that he got all "papa bear" about them. But you have to be careful what you write in public or you're just a word away from a lawsuit.

Have you ever reviewed a babysitter online?


Image via TheGame/Instagram

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