Robert Pattinson Makes Out With New Girl -- Kristen, Look Away!!

Robert PattinsonDon't look, Kristen Stewart, don't loooook!!! Look awaaaaayyyy! OMG, it's your boyfriend -- ahem, I mean, your ex-boyfriend, making out with some other girl! And they're like lying down 'n' stuff. It's horrible, I tell you, horrible!! Okay, wait, it's just for a movie. So Robert Pattinson is, like, fake making out. But you know how that goes. You and Rob once "fake" made out on Twilight too. So who is this chick out to steal our Rob out from under our Kristen?


Her name is Mia Wasikowska. (Names like hers just make cut and paste a Godsend!) Anyway, she starred in the HBO series Treatment, as well as the feature films Alice in Wonderland and Jane Eyre. She'll also be starring in an upcoming version of Madame Bovary. Because she totally has that kind of face that screams, I should have been born in the 19th century!

But now she's starring with Rob in Maps to the Stars. Photogs recently caught them getting hot and heavy for a horizontal scene in Los Angeles. When they broke lips, they started laughing. Hey, I bet Kristen isn't laughing. Have some empathy, y'all.

Just kidding, I'm sure that Kristen knows they're just acting. They're professionals! I mean, actors hardly ever hook up on set. Wait, who am I kidding? They always hook up on set! Hell, even the actors and the directors sometimes hook up. If you can believe it! (Cough.)

But, lo, what is this? It appears that Mia already has a boyfriend. He would be Jesse Eisenberg, who starred in The Social Network.

But ... as I recall, Kristen had a boyfriend too when she started Twilight. Fat lot of good that did! Hopefully we won't see Mia over at Rob's swanky bachelor pad any time soon. Kristen has enough competition.

Do you think Mia and Rob are hooking up?


Image via SplashNews

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