Khloe Kardashian's Hot Pink Lips Make Her Look Like a Total Drama Queen

khloe kardashianWhile her sister Kim and somewhat/pseudo/almost "brother-in-law" Kanye are probably glowing as a result of debuting their new bundle of joy, North West, to the world, Khloe Kardashian is glowing for a whole different reason! She showed off an absolutely stunning look on Instagram the other day, sporting bold pink lipstick and golden '40s bombshell waves. Well, hellloooo, Khlo!

I confess, I actually pinned the snapshot, because I wanted to show my stylist at my upcoming color appointment. I thought maybe that lush honey gold tone would make for a pretty highlighting hue. Okay, sure, Labor Day is almost here, but who says that has to mean dialing back the drama with your makeup and hair? This bright, intense look Khloe's killing it with is perfect for the hot final days of summer -- and even into the fall! 


Of course, we tend to think that come Labor Day, the whites and brights are supposed to go away, and hair/nail/lipstick/handbag colors are all supposed to get darker, more burgundy, more black even. Which is actually pretty ironic, considering that you could easily argue that autumn is the vivid, vibrant, boldly-colored season in some parts of the country! So why do we have to tone it down?

I'd argue there's probably no better time to tone it UP. Go for those bright blonde highlights, rock that "look at me" hot pink lip! Because as we start to lose more and more sunlight, we need more pick-me-ups! Even more reason warm, sunkissed blonde highlights and a rockin' "look at me" hot pink lip like Khloe's definitely don't have to disappear, left to exist as just a distant summer memory. They can be worn whenever to make a dramatic statement no matter what season it is!

How do you feel about Khloe's look here? Would you do something similar with your hair or makeup, even in the fall?

Image via Instagram

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