Matt Bomer Pulls an Ian Somerhalder With Adorable Dog Pic -- Who's the Better Christian Grey? (PHOTOS)

When it comes to casting Christian Grey, the actor who will eventually take the part needs a few qualities: He needs to be sexy, for sure. He needs to be slightly dangerous. He needs to be hot. Oh, and he needs to like dogs! This, at least, is the tack that two Christian Grey frontrunners, Matt Bomer and Ian Somerhalder, are taking in the race to play everyone's favorite ben-wa ball wielding luvah.


Ian Somerhalder, who is such a big animal fan that he has already adopted one stray cat and has an entire foundation dedicated to animal causes, recently adopted a "new girl" -- a tan dog he rescued. He tweeted a pic of himself with the caption:

My new girl. Rescued from traffic near The Vampire Diaries stages just a few hours ago -- so smart, so beautiful & charming -- all a man could ask for in a girl. So happy together. Her name is Nietzsche.

Really, there is nothing sexier than a guy who loves animals. And clearly Matt Bomer, another Christian Grey fan fave, couldn't exactly let Ian run away with all of the dog lover votes. So when he saw a cute pooch on the set of White Collar in New York City, he went all Ian on it, caressing the little white French Bulldog and even cupping its droopy face in his hands.

We all know this slobby dog stuff is just a way for these two hot studs to bag the most coveted role in Hollywood. Unfortunately, Christian Grey does not own a dog -- just a dog collar. Har!

One thing's for sure, if either one of these guys gets the role, Christian will be sure to have a lot of sensitivity behind those burning lust-struck eyes!

Who looks hotter with a dog?


Images via PacificCoastNews/IanSomerhalder/Twitter

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