Matt Bomer's Comments on Gay Actor Make Him an Even Hotter Choice for Christian Grey

matt bomer white collarAs if Fifty Shades of Grey fans needed even MORE reason to love Matt Bomer, the White Collar actor made an awesome statement at New York's Heineken U.S. Open kickoff party last night. Reacting to Prison Break star Wentworth Miller's decision to come out as a gay man, Matt said, "Wow, I think it's really bold and incredibly classy how he came out and did it. I am really proud of him. It's very reflective of his amazing character." Aww!

Matt, who came out about a year and a half ago, said that he's pleased with the positive progress we've had so far when it comes to LGBT rights, remarking, "I hope all these laws continue to pass, but we still have a long way to go." So true. Not to mention that showing support for Wentworth Miller, voicing his political views, and owning his identity is so attractive!


It's awesome that Matt's clearly so confident about who he is ... as an individual and a member of the Hollywood community. And he's not afraid to speak out about his convictions and passions. Those are all traits that are very Christian Grey. It's no wonder his fans are just dying to hear whether he's caught the eye of Fifty Shades of Grey casting directors!

Although I may be more Team Charlie Hunnam these days, the production would be lucky to bring on a seriously stand-up guy like Matt as Christian Grey. Or Wentworth Miller (who was rumored for the role at one point) for that matter. After all, whoever steps into the lead role is going to be showered with fame, fortune, and (let's hope) hot film cred. Given how big-hearted, courageous, and outspoken both actors clearly are, either guy deserves all of that -- and more. 

Does Matt Bomer's reaction to Wentworth Miller coming out make you love him even more?


Image via USA Network

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