Kendra Wilkinson Thinks an Open Marriage Could Save Hers but It Will Just Make Things Worse (VIDEO)

Poor Kendra Wilkinson. She's only four years into her marriage to NFL player Hank Baskett and already she's longing for an "open relationship." On previews of the upcoming season of her reality show Kendra on Top, she can be heard wailing:

I shouldn't even be married.

And she's eyeing up some young hot studs in her photoshoot like a starving dog eyes up a T-bone. Well, let's face it, married sex can get boring.


At one point, Hank actually suggests:

We should just be single and live together.

"So you're asking for a open relationship? I've been waiting for this day my whole life," Kendra responds, only half-jokingly.

I have a friend who actually suggested an open relationship to her husband -- he turned her down. Can you believe it? What dude would turn that down?? Oh wait, guys are probably fine with the "open" thing if it's just women involved -- but not when your gal will be bringing home the bacon in some other dude's pants.

I know one couple who have an open relationship. They are polyamorous. I'm not sure if that's the same as "open" -- which I think means you kind of get to do what you want. There are a lot of rules in polyamory. More rules than in monogamy! Anyway, it works for them.

But an open relationship? Take it from someone who tried it -- it can be a disaster. Unless both parties are on the same page, and not just playing games, it can quickly go awry. I eventually figured out that the guy I was with wanted the "open" part of the relationship to apply to him -- but not to me. Hence the guilt trips and bad attitude I got when I went on a date. But he felt perfectly justified in going on his own dates. It led to nothing but a boatload of trouble. So much so that I'd never try it again.

But if Hank and Kendra are willing to keep open, honest communication about it, then I don't see why not. Though they'd have to explain the whole thing to their son, Hank, Jr. Because eventually he'd be old enough to know something was different about mommy and daddy's relationship.

It's a nice fantasy, but usually the reality isn't so hot.

Have you ever tried an open relationship?

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