E.L. James Sparks Casting Rumors Again With Pic of Christian Frontrunner (PHOTO)

Chris Evans and E.L. JamesIt's not a normal day if there aren't new Fifty Shades of Grey movie casting rumors, right? Today's big news: Chris Evans as Christian Grey. You may know of him better as Captain America of The Avengers fame. OR better yet -- as that hot neighbor with a distaste for wearing clothes in What's Your Number alongside Anna Faris. 

Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James posted a photo of her with Evans Thursday morning with the caption: "Having fun ... ;)." E.L. hanging out with Evans? Well CLEARLY he's in the running to play Christian! 

OK, slight sarcasm here. But hey, he wouldn't be a bad specimen to look at for a few hours, eh? We heard that the production companies may be looking for a rising star with a reasonable price tag -- but does Evans fit into that category? With all this fame with The Avengers, I'm not so sure.


At the end of the day -- I still think it's a smarter idea to cast more well-known actors for the role of Christian Grey. I understand the desire to save money in a big project like this wherever possible. However, this film has major potential and a ton of fans highly anticipating its August 2014 release. You know what that means, right? Ian Somerhalder or Matt Bomer would totally rock the socks off of a gig like this! Well-known actors mean a guaranteed audience. As far as we know, that audience would LOVE to see these guys wearing a charcoal gray tie. 

Besides, Chris Evans has a pretty busy year ahead of him promoting the newest Avengers installment as well as the next Captain America movie (so much superhero hotness!). Whoever plays Christian Grey is gonna need to clear their schedule the best they can to really get into the role. As much practice as possible -- with the lines of course.

Who do you want to see play Christian Grey?


Image via E_L_James/Twitter

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