Kristen Stewart Manages to Do What Few Women Can With Her Shoes (PHOTO)

Kristen Stewart shoesNo matter what she wears, she always manages to look cool and trendy, and even when Kristen Stewart opts for casual sneakers as opposed to strappy sandals or heels, she still manages to look pretty damn good.

And the black Vans she's sporting in this photo? Yeah, she wears them all the time. They're pretty much part of her standard uniform these days, so I guess we can assume she broke up with Converse a while ago.

But based on how laid-back her overall style is in general -- can you really picture Kristen wearing anything else on her feet?


Most of her outfits would look a little weird if she threw on a pair of stilettos. Based on her past behavior with shoes, it's clear that heels are most definitely NOT her first choice in footwear.

Remember that time KStew showed up in sneakers and a lacy ballgown for the Snow White and the Hunstman premiere in London, and then promptly changed into a pair of heels (behind a bush, of all places) before hitting the red carpet? You gotta love it.

She's obviously no dummy, and she's well aware that heels absolutely kill your feet and are a pain in the butt to walk in. Isn't it much better to put comfort before fashion when it comes to staying steady and safe on your feet? (I happen to think so.)

Kristen sets such a great example for other young women on how to look chic and put together without sacrificing your own personal sense of style. If you can't stay true to yourself while getting dressed, then what's the point?

Do you prefer casual shoes like KStew's or heels?


Image via Splash

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