Sounds Like Vicki Gunvalson & Brooks Ayers Hooked Up While Vicki Was Still Married

brooks ayersThe more we learn about Brooks Ayers, the more we like him. If it's Opposite Day. Brooks is the worst, you guys! Is there anyone out there who begs to differ? The southern drawl that seems to be emphasized juuuust a little too much? The god-awful card-a-day period he went through with Vicki? His stupid face? Okay, that last part was mean and I'm just kidding. But now we're finding out that this shadeball was emailing Vicki and telling her he loved her while she was still married to Donn. What. The. Hell?


In a sneak-preview clip of next week's Real Housewives of Orange County reunion, we find out that Briana, Vicki's daughter, happened upon a love email sent from Brooks to her mother while she and Donn were still married. In the clip, Brooks tells Briana, "In 2007, when your mother and I first met, you saw an email from me that told your mother -- while she was married to Donn -- that I loved her."

"And to ask her to leave Donn for you," Briana replies. To which Brooks says: "I did not [ask her to leave Donn]."

Vicki has admitted that both she and Donn cheated on each other in the past. But did Vicki cheat with Brooks? After hearing this, it kind of sounds like it. No wonder Briana hates him so much.

Now, is Vicki at fault here, as well? Absolutely. Takes two to tango. But there's just something so ... ooky about Brooks. And my Spidey Senses can't help but tingle upon hearing that he was telling her that he loved her before she was ever divorced. Maybe he did, or does, have feelings for Vicki, but methinks he's had his eye on her money from day one. And me also thinks Briana is probably telling the truth in this case. I could totally see him telling Vicki to leave Donn. And Vicki listening.

Do you think Brooks and Vicki hooked up while she was still married?

Image via Bravo

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