Cinderella + Beyonce = The Magical Must-See Cinderonce (VIDEO)

cinderonceSince its Disney debut in 1950, Cinderella has been remade about a million times. Of course, her story is never quite as the original authors Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm intended. (Theirs was a much bleaker, much sadder story, to say the least.) But in contemporary times, we have seen Drew Barrymore take on the tale in Ever After, as well as Hilary Duff (A Cinderella Story) and Anne Hathaway (Ella Enchanted). None of those compares to the latest musical version featuring Beyonce's hits. Feast your eyes -- and ears -- on Cinderonce!


You have never seen the wicked stepsisters and the fairy godmother like this!

What do you think of this version of Cinderella's tale?


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