Kim Kardashian's Famous Butt Might Be Thanks to Plastic Surgery -- Are You Really Surprised?

Kim KardashianIt's been one of the biggest mysteries in all of Hollywood: Is Kim Kardashian's butt the REAL deal? The Dash doll tried to prove her derriere's authenticity on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, even going as far as getting her butt x-rayed. When the results showed no sign of an implant, I personally was convinced and astonished by the laws of nature that Kim's backside was 100 percent Kardashian genes. Now, a source is saying that we may have all been fooled.

A source told Life & Style Magazine that Kim had fat injected into her butt after receiving liposuction on her legs, and that's why the extra oomph didn't show up on her infamous x-ray. A doctor added that Kim may even have an implant that doesn't show up on an x-ray -- one which the world may never know about.

Alright y'all, so Kim's backside may not be all her own. But honestly, what's the big deal?


Whether or not Kim had fat injections into her but, she's entitled. I mean, think about all of the celebrities, especially reality TV stars, who have Botox, breast implants, or other work done all of the time. These procedures, they're all elective. These stars are choosing to change their appearance, and if that's what they want, then so be it.

Of course Kim is going to claim her butt all-natural. It's something uniquely hers and she's known for it! You know what? That's just fine. Kim doesn't owe any of us anything. Her butt is part of her brand. Personally, I think we all need to spend less time worrying about whether or not Kim had work done on her backside, and use our time for better purposes. You know, like contemplating what work Amanda Bynes has actually had done. Now THAT is a mystery.

Do you think Kim Kardashian's butt is 100 percent real?

Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

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