Kate Middleton’s Royal Portrait Dress Sells Out Fast but There’s Just One Little Problem

kate middletonShortly after the official photo of Kate Middleton, Prince William, and Prince George was released, the world's least surprising thing happened: The dress the Duchess of Cambridge was wearing in the pic sold out. Because in order to become a princess, you need to dress like one.

Kate wore a dress by the British fashion label Séraphine, and if you're as big a Kate fan as you claim to be, you know that this is now the third time Kate has worn a Seraphine dress in the last few months. The style of the dress -- loose-fitting with a knot at the chest -- would look good on anyone. But the bright fuchsia color? Incorrect.


Kate Middleton has fantastic style, and I admit, I've definitely thought about buying a navy blue wrap dress after the royal engagement photo came out. But ... Kate Middleton would look good wrapped in tin foil. And tin foil would definitely sell out immediately if that's what she was wearing in the pic with Baby Cambridge. Just because Kate's wearing it doesn't mean it will look good on you! Sorry, not trying to be a meanie here (you're gorgeous!), but it's true!

This style dress would flatter pretty much anyone. But the color is too bright for a lot of complexions. So maybe consider picking up the dress, but just in a different color. Oh, wait. You can't. Because it's sold out. 

Middleton, you and your sense of style have struck again!

Would you wear Kate's fuchsia dress?


Image via royal family

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