Crazed Selena Gomez Fan Accused of Murdering His Family

selena gomezSelena Gomez recently received some frightening news. An obsessed fan has been arrested for killing four members of his family. Daniel Green's mother, sister, niece, and infant nephew were found dead at their Oklahoma City home. But it wasn't until cops began digging through his belongings that they discovered his creepy attachment to the star.


His Facebook page was filled with pictures and posts about the singer-actress. Green, 40, wrote, "I want her to be my eternal wife and the queen of my kingdom forever. Hey, I love her more than god, my mom, my dad, Jesus, myself, and ya'll." Another time, he creepily offered, "I'm willing to run away with you any where in this universe. I love you so much Lena so much you true love danny!!!"

It's not clear why he may have wanted to kill his family or whether an obsession with Selena played any part. But police seem pretty confident they have their man. It's pretty frightening. This has to be the worst and scariest part of being a celebrity. Fans are so focused on her breakup with Justin Bieber and the heartache that relationship caused her, but she has far bigger problems with crazed fans like this on the loose.

A lot of stars are terrorized by dangerous stalkers. Mila Kunis, P. Diddy, Alec Baldwin, Halle Berry, Madonna, and so many more. In some cases, they are followed around town and given gifts and letters. In the more menacing examples, these so-called fans break into their homes or threaten to harm them. If someone would go as far as to murder his family, I shiver to think what else he is capable of.

Do you think stalkers and crazed fans are the worst part of being a star?


Image via AleeDear/Flickr

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