7 Hot 'Real Housewives' Bodies That Make Us Bow to the Power of Plastic Surgery (PHOTOS)

Melissa and Joe GorgaLove them or loathe them, you have to admit that some of the Real Housewives have pretty bangin' bodies. Of course, like everything else on the show, not all of them are brought to us without some serious editing.

Most of the ladies have been nipped, tucked, and implanted so much that their "real" selves are long forgotten. The thing is though --- they look pretty damn good. No, they may not look au naturale, but they can definitely still turn heads. If ever there was a good case to be made for plastic surgery, these ladies make one. Here are seven Real Housewives with amazing bodies ... never mind how much they paid to get them.

Which Real Housewives do you think have the hottest bodies?

Image via melissagorga/Instagram


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