Khloe Kardashian Should Ignore Her Mom & Leave Lamar if He's Really Cheating

khloe kardashian lamar odomThere's nothing like having your mom in your corner when your marriage is in crisis. Right, Khloe? Yeah, Momager's got her girl's back ... just so long as Khloe stays married. Can you believe it? Apparently Kris Jenner wants Khloe to work things out with Lamar. So he cheated on Khloe. He's got issues, poor thing. Stand by your man and all that crap.

Sheesh, was Kris the kind of mom to make her kids finish everything on their plates, too?

A source tells Radar Online that even though Khloe kicked Lamar to the curb weeks ago, she believes that "Lamar has a lot of unresolved issues surrounding his childhood and he needs to work through it. She is encouraging Khloe NOT to give up on her marriage and not file for divorce." Don't give up on that toxic, dysfunctional love, Khloe! It makes you look too strong and independent.


What is she thinking?!? Lamar's childhood issues are his problem, and he needs to work them out on his own with a therapist. I've seen it too many times before -- the spouse of a troubled person becomes an enabler, and nothing ever really changes. The best thing Khloe can do for Lamar at this point is leave him. He's been cheating on her. Ain't nobody got time for that, Khloe.

Supposedly Kris wants Lamar to make a vow that he'll never cheat on Khloe again -- yeah right. That'll fix everything. VOWS. Really. Is there anything a vow can't do?

Please. I don't even understand why Kris is so invested in this relationship. Is she afraid of more divorce-related bad publicity, like the backlash Kim got? This is completely different. Everyone has heard about the cheating, and we're all on Khloe's side. If anything, divorcing Khloe will rally people even more to her side because it'll show her standing up for herself. Lamar blew it. Khloe may still love him, and if she does, that speaks well of her. But I think we all know what she needs to do at this point.

Do you think Khloe should follow her mother's advice?


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