Gia Allemand Was Reportedly on Phone With Her Mom When She Died

Gia AllemandNew information is coming out now about the hours surrounding the tragic suicide of The Bachelor star Gia Allemand. Gia was found by her boyfriend, NBA player Ryan Anderson, after she hung herself in her home. TMZ reports that the suicide came on the same day that Ryan and Gia had a fight, and Ryan reportedly told her he "didn't love" her anymore.


TMZ also reports that, horrifically, Gia was on the phone with her mother when she killed herself. Apparently the phone went silent and her mom tried communicating with her for 10 minutes, but Gia had gone and wrapped a vacuum cleaner cord around her neck and hung herself from the staircase of her home in New Orleans.

Ryan came back later to check on her and found her.

I can't imagine what Ryan and Gia's mom are going through. They both loved her, and they both were right there when she died.

No one can fathom what is going on in the mind of the person who kills herself or himself. Only that person can. They may feel hopeless and distraught. Some may feel clear-headed and in control.

Others may feel nothing at all. Just a desire to stop. Have it all stop.

Her boyfriend and her mother will live with this forever. Hopefully they will learn to forgive themselves for anything they feel they did.

Please remember if you or anyone you love is thinking about suicide, there is help. Please call 1-800-273-TALK.

Have you ever dealt with suicide?


Image via GiaAllemand/Instagram

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