'RHOOC's Brooks Ayers Threatens to 'Beat' Vicki Gunvalson in Secret Tape Recording (LISTEN)

I have a confession to make. I have sort of been pulling for Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers to stay together, if for no other reason than to piss off her fellow housewives and family. I really can't stand the way they tell her how to live her life, while they aren't such great partner pickers themselves. On the show's finale, it started to become apparent to everyone that Vicki's son-in-law didn't have her best interests at heart as he bossed her around her own home and brutally lashed out at one of her guests.

Suddenly all of Ryan's dire warnings about how terrible Brooks is became suspect. Vicki finally told both Briana and Ryan that she was going to date Brooks whether they liked it or not. But now a secret tape recording has emerged that will throw Brooks back into his usual smarmy light. He was reportedly secretly recorded drunkenly saying that he was going to "f**king beat" Vicki's ass!


RadarOnline got ahold of the tape, which they swear is Brooks, and according to them, he's talking to Ryan. The convo goes like this:

Brooks: Bitch, like she's never done it before, ever.

Ryan: You'll be all right.

Brooks: F**king whore.

Brooks: I'm a f**king beat her ass when I see her.

Ryan: No. That ain't right. You can't beat her up.

Brooks: I'm going to beat her ass. That's what we do in the South.

On the face of it, these words are horrific. And no wonder Vicki ended up splitting up with him again.

But after listening to the tape, it sounds to me like a guy just talking shit. Idiotic shit, yes. But he doesn't sound serious in the slightest. He's kind of laughing, and apparently a little drunk, and probably thinks Ryan is his pal and will get his little jokes about "beating" Vicki's ass. Sometimes words are just words, even if they are crass ones.

Plus, it's so obvious how Ryan is setting him up to say things that he can later play to Vicki.

Of course, I could be wrong. Maybe he's an abuser. But after seeing Ryan in action on the finale, I don't trust him either. I think Ryan and Brooks are in a battle to take advantage of Vicki, and Ryan is winning.

What do you think of this tape?

Image via Bravo

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