Kim Kardashian Steps Out Again With North & This Photo’s More Fun Than the Last

kim kardashianYou guys, I just saw Baby North! Okay, I didn't see her in person. I just saw a photo. And I didn't see the whole baby -- I just saw Baby North West's feet. But that's all Mama Kim will let us see! Kim Kardashian stepped out carrying North for the first time this weekend to attend the funeral of Kanye West's grandfather, Portwood L. Williams, in Oklahoma City. Kim wore a black dress and Nori wore sage green socks and matching towel over the rest of her body.


So ... that's not a whole lot to go on. It's another tease, like when Kim and Kanye took North to the pediatrician (I'm guessing) but wouldn't let us see anything at all. Man, Kim runs to middle America and not only do the paparazzi still find her, she's on to them and keeps Nori under wraps. I guess they're serious about saving North's big debut for Vogue -- or whichever magazine they finally deem worthy.

All we have to go on, then, are those little socks. Looks like North is still teeny tiny even for a newborn at 2 months, but that's to be expected since she was born early.

But hey, at least we see all of Kim again. I just cringe for her -- you know people are staring at her and trying to guess how many pounds she's lost so far. I think she looks great for a woman with a 2-month-old baby: Her hair is brushed and her clothes are clean. That should be enough, right?

When do you think we'll finally see all of Baby North?


Image via Instagram

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