Kim Kardashian Shares a 'Regular Family Dinner' That's Anything But Normal (VIDEO)

kim kardashian keekOnce in a blue moon, the Kardashians seem normal. Like you could invite them over for dinner on a Sunday and enjoy good, old-fashioned conversation about, I don't know, the gym, Mexican food, maybe breastfeeding or natural deodorants (I'm looking at you, Kourtney). But more often than not, they seem like they live on a completely different planet.

Take Kim's most recent Keek for example. It's a bizarre glimpse at what the new mom calls "just a regular family dinner" at the Jenner household, starring Kylie, Kendall, Kris, Khloe, and oh, heyyy, Kanye! It's also "guest starring" Drake! And some girl named Pia Mia Perez, who is apparently friends with Kylie and between apps and entrees, likes to randomly burst into song. Um.

Yeah, this just needs to be seen to be believed ...


See what I mean?! What ... on ... earth is going on here? Is Pia Mia trying to impress Drake with her sweet pipes and impressive command of his song "Hold On"? Why did she choose to do that at dinner? My mother who fancies herself quite a manners freak always said there was no singing at the dinner table ...

But pfft, what does she know? She's not Kris Jenner. Maybe the dinner table at the Jenner house is the BEST place to mug for the camera. Oh, hell, who am I kidding ... Clearly, this whole family's entire LIVES have to happen in front of a camera. Or else they cannot survive!

What's your reaction to Kim's latest Keek?

Image via KimKardashian/Keek

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