[UPDATE] Kanye West to Bring Out Baby Pics & Confess Love for Kim Kardashian on Her Mom's Show

kanye west
Yeezy's happy face
I'm not saying I thought Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's relationship was a complete sham, but ... let's just say if Bill Shakespeare were still alive, I don't think he'd be writing a play about their undying love. However, as of today, my thoughts on their relationship have changed. I actually think Kanye West might really love Kim Kardashian, you guys. Like, a lot. Like, almost as much as that Kanye West mural he had painted in Baby North's room.



West, who's notorious for hating the spotlight unless it's tailored exactly to his liking and taste, is set to be the final guest on Kris Jenner's talk show when it ends its trial run on Friday. The rapper has already taped the segment with his baby-mama-in-law, and not only did he reportedly "really bring it", talking about how he "loves Kim so much he even thought about playing sports, he's actually revealing a photo of North on the show!!! That's huge!!! It couldn't be more Kardashian, but still. Huge!

Kanye? Is that you? Are you ... joking around? Are you exhibiting that fun little trait most refer to as a "sense of humor"? And are you really letting the first shot of your daughter appear on Kris Jenner's talk show?! Guess fatherhood has softened you a bit. Made you a little less, eh, how you say ... ridiculous? (I always turn into a foreigner when I talk to Kanye.)

The fact that Kanye appeared on Kris's show speaks volumes. After all, Kanye is an ah-tist. He's obsessed best friends with Jay Z. He holds listening parties in Switzerland. He lives in gay Paree. Going on Kris almost seems "beneath him". And having that be the platform for unveiling his daughter is ... well, shocking. It says so much about how he feels about Kim.

Will I be tuning into to Kris on Friday to catch Kanye's interview? No. I have a job. But ya betta believe I'll be googling "North West pics" as soon as it's done. I'm not that busy, people.

Do you think Kim and Kanye's relationship is legit?


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