Farrah Abraham Asks Fans to Buy Her Expensive Gifts in a Completely Offensive Move

Farrah AbrahamTeen Mom Farrah Abraham has done a lot of bizarre and crazy things over the years, especially since leaving her MTV days behind her, but perhaps nothing has been as insane and entitled as her latest stunt. Farrah has publicly broadcast her extensive Amazon wish list. And what a list it is ...

From her "fans," Farrah has requested (among other things): a $900 dress, a $1,400 bookcase, a $500 rug, $300 shoes, and a $750 chandelier. Classy, eh? Why she expects people to buy her anything is entirely unclear, but one thing that is clear: This girl is WAY out to lunch.


Looking back, maybe the signs were there all along. Farrah was always a bit of a spoiled brat even in the 16 & Pregnant days. But God. She has gotten worse.

Asking fans to buy her things is really kind of the lowest of the low. And that's saying a lot given she has already done porn. This woman needs to get a grip and fast. Besides, didn't she already make a million dollars or more from her porn, er, excuse me, "sex tape"?

Look, it's fine. She thinks she is famous. Maybe some really lonely old men out there will buy her a $750 chandelier. But maybe a better plan for her would be focusing in on her child and letting go of this "fame" monster that is clearly consuming her.

We all wish for many things. Apparently Farrah just thinks she can get him. Hell, maybe the reason people hate her so much is that she represents that greedy side of all of us. It's that side that would do anything for money and wants a pink chandelier. It's an ugly side we like to hide. We can look at Farrah and be horrified because she puts it out there, ugliness and all.

I guess she's doing what she can to survive. I just wonder what the price will be to her daughter.

Do you think Farrah's wish list is ridiculous?


Image via Vivid

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