Singer of The Calling Reports Horrifying & Bloody Kidnapping Right Before Comeback (VIDEO)

Alex BandSometimes when you're watching a violent movie and some guy gets abducted, put in a van, beaten up, and then left on the street to die, you are entertained but thankful this actually doesn't happen in real life. But this scary scenario just happened to Alex Band of The Calling, the band with that famous hit from 2001, "Wherever You Will Go." (Is it just me or does that song remind you of Love Actually every time you hear it?) The band has been on a "hiatus" since 2005, but were reportedly set to announce a comeback.

Poor Alex was in Lapeer, Michigan for a music festival and walked from his hotel to a mini mart early Sunday morning, around 4 a.m.

And that's when his nightmare began. Luckily Alex survived, but it sure sounds like he had quite the ordeal, and hopefully the two guys who did this to him will soon be brought to justice.


TMZ reports that two men in a blue minivan pulled up right next to Alex and they proceed to pick him up right off of the street. They beat him up, robbed him, and dumped him on some train tracks close by.

Holy crap, can you even imagine? Eventually, another member of the band noticed that Alex was missing, so he had a search party assembled. They found him a short time later, bruised and bloody. It hasn't been reported what exactly was taken from Band yet -- but one would think that perhaps the physical and emotional recovery after an ordeal like this may take a greater toll than the monetary one.

And now TMZ has released the 911 call that Alex's manager made when he found the 32-year-old singer. Take a listen:


So scary and crazy, right? Even scarier is that it sounds like Alex had no idea who the assailants were and this whole attack was completely random. You'd think that those few minutes in that van were most likely the scariest moments of Alex's life. Poor guy!

Let's hope whoever is responsible for this attack is caught so there will be no other victims. No one deserves to be abducted while innocently walking down the street on their way to the mini mart! And our thoughts and prayers are with Alex for a speedy recovery.

Feel free to take a walk down memory lane with The Calling's "Wherever You Will Go":

Were you a fan of The Calling? Can you believe this happened?


Image via TheCallingVEVO/YouTube

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