Prince William Says the Royal Baby Takes After His Brother Harry

Kate Middleton, Prince WilliamPrince William gave his first interview since the birth of his son, Prince George, and he had some adorable, and unexpected, things to say about the little royal. One of the interesting things he said about PG is that the tyke already has a very formed personality -- and that it's like his uncle, Harry! Wills revealed:

He's a little bit of a rascal, let's put it that way! He either reminds me of my brother or me when I was younger, I'm not sure ... [He is] growing quite quickly actually. But he's a little fighter. He kind of, he wriggles around quite a lot. And he doesn't want to go to sleep that much, which is a little bit of a problem.

Hm, does this mean George will grow up to party naked in a Las Vegas hotel room?


One thing that's so interesting about babies is how quickly they develop their own personality. And you never quite know where it's going to come from. We tend to think our kids will be a perfect mixture of parents -- and inherit only the best qualities of both sides. But what if the kid gets the worst qualities of both sides?! Or gets the personality of some long-lost black sheep cousin? Yikes!

Prince Harry is a good guy but, let's face it, kind of the wild card in the family. There was the scandal after he dressed as a Nazi at a costume party. And who can forget his naked romp inside a Las Vegas hotel in January?

One of my friends has an adorable 2-year-old girl. She looks just like her mom. But it's clear she gets a lot of her personality from her dad. We joke that she even likes his favorite bar. But it's true! When we bring her there, she doesn't want to leave. She loves the place. So does he! She loves it even if he's not there. So weird.

Another friend was certain her baby was going to be just like her -- which was the last thing she wanted. She was a very troublesome youth and her baby was a real kicker inside the womb. Sure enough, baby came out a real screamer and a stubborn tantrum-thrower. Just like she used to be. "Oh God," she wailed. "Do I have to deal with myself until she's 16?!"

Hey, Harry isn't all bad. A little spice never hurt anyone. And Wills indicates that George may even be taking after him -- when he was younger. Crazy little kids can grow up to be sweet, even shy, adults. I've seen that happen too. As for myself, I take so little after either one of my parents that I often wonder where the hell I came from. On the other hand, I'm eerily similar to my paternal grandfather. (He and I have the exact same hands too, but that's another story.)

So what will Georgie be like? Whether he's like Harry or Wills, I think he'll be just fine. As long as he's not like Charles.

Haha. Joooooke.

How early could you tell your child's personality?

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