Kim Kardashian Attends First Post-Baby Party But Won’t Show Us Her Dress

kevin systrom kim kardashianSomething happened at a very special party over the weekend. It was like stars aligning. It was a meeting of the minds. It was like peanut butter meeting jelly, the sunset meeting the beach, cats meeting the Internet. Kim Kardashian met the CEO and co-founder of Instagram, Kevin Systrom. And then she posted a photo of them together. On Instagram. Oh my Yeezus, it's so meta I've got a headache now.

But this is some way for Kim to come out of hiding. Um, she's still in the shadows. Kim, why are you hiding? Is this on purpose? You know we already saw you in flannel at the doctor's, right? (Awesome chambray cover-all, by the way. I totally bought five just like it as soon as I saw that photo.) Here she's practically behind Kevin. Hey Kim, it's not like you to be so camera shy.


Well anyway, still exciting for her. I just picture Kim shaking Kevin's hand and saying, "Oh wowww, you invented like the next best thing to TV. Instagram is like my faaavorite." 'Your favorite app?" Kevin asks. "My favorite TOY!" And then Kim pulls out a phone and takes a selfie, which Kevin photobombs. Just kidding, of course Kim wanted him in the frame. She's prettier than he is.

Or was taking the Kevin photo just another way for Kim to take a selfie without revealing anything from the neck down? Oh who cares, she looks great and has a big smile. Excellent use of shadows there.

So the woman who normally can't wait for the world to see her latest outfit, who blows thousands getting ready for every event, who makes a point of getting her photo taken in just the right lighting -- this is what we get? Man, I don't even KNOW YOU anymore, Kim! I bet Kanye loved this look, though.

Do you think Kim is feeling camera shy because of the baby weight?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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