Robert Pattinson Attacks a Security Guard -- Wait 'Til You See This! (VIDEO)

Robert PattinsonHe's never really struck me as the violent type, but after seeing a video of Robert Pattinson grabbing a security guard's face and pushing him -- it's clear that he has some stored up aggression that obviously needed to be released.

As you will see in the clip, Rob got a hold of the guy while exiting the Troubador club on Friday night. I guess it's safe to assume he got a little annoyed at the crew of paparazzi who were waiting to take pictures of him as he headed towards his car. All of a sudden he reached out and pushed the dude, who he apparently thought was one of the obnoxious photographers, not someone who was trying to protect him.


Ready to see the video? Here it is.

Yikes! Didn't he have a look of madness on his face when he went after that guy? I mean, Rob's smile is usually really sweet and sexy, but there was definitely something devilish about it this time around.

And I know he probably gets so sick and tired of constantly having cameras flashing in his face and just snapped in this particular moment, but you still have to wonder if he's harboring some sort of negativity that made him act in such an uncharacteristic manner.

Could it be that he's still upset over his breakup with Kristen Stewart, which has made him more angry than usual? Or did he accidentally mistaken the guy for Rupert Sanders? Or maybe he'd honestly just had enough of the added attention that goes along with his A-list celebrity status and figured he'd teach one of the paps (who turned out to be anything but) a lesson?

Whatever the case, Rob should probably make a mental note to keep his cool upon exiting clubs from here on out. It would be such a shame for him to gain a reputation as an out-of-control a**hole.

Why do you think Rob pushed this guy?


Image via Splash

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