Desiree Hartsock & Chris Siegfried Breakup Rumors Are a Sure Sign the End Is Near

Des and Chris

Well, well, well, it looks as though rumors saying Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried are on the rocks have already started -- a mere two weeks after their engagement was revealed on the season finale of The Bachelorette.

Apparently eyewitnesses saw the two of them out for brunch, and they didn't look too content and appeared to be "deep in conversation" -- which I guess we can assume isn't a good thing based on their reported dispositions.

But seriously, will anyone really be the least bit surprised when these two announce their breakup sometime in the near future?


Yes, I said their breakup -- because there's no way in hell their relationship is going to last.

Sure, they've been all lovey-dovey ever since Chris put a ring on Des' finger. But it's still pretty impossible to believe she's honestly ready to get hitched to Chris considering she's not over Brooks -- and is most likely still head-over-heels in love with him.

Oh come on, how can you profess your undying love for a dude who just dumped you and then accept a proposal from another man a couple days later? In the words of Captain Von Trapp, "You can't marry someone when you're in love with someone else, can you?" (Sorry. I couldn't resist.)

And despite the happy front Chris and Des are putting on right now, I wouldn't be surprised if their relationship started crumbling the minute the finale aired -- especially given how much hype there was surrounding her tragic breakup with Brooks. Even though Chris didn't watch the episode where Brooks broke Des' heart, he had to have at least heard some of the dirty details either through word of mouth or by passing the tabloids in the grocery store checkout line.

My guess is that things are probably already headed south, but they're putting on a happy face for the sake of whatever contract they signed with ABC. (You know they have one.)

But if for some reason Chris hasn't already had a light bulb go off in his head that his beloved fiance most likely settled for him because the man she really wanted cut her loose, then it's going to happen any day now.

And when it does? Bye bye Desiree is all I can say. Unfortunately for her, when she and Chris do part ways, she's going to wind up taking the role of the villain for sure. Everyone will assume she broke his heart because of her love for another guy. Then ABC will probably feel horrible for him and make him The Bachelor and he'll wind up with a gal who is all kinds of adorable and hopelessly in love with him.

Cue the photos of Des back in L.A. looking down in the dumps and totally devastated. And alone.

(Sound about right?)

How much longer do you think Chris and Des will last?


Image via ABC

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