'Sister Wives' Preview: Robyn Has a 'Surprise' for Kody & We Know What THAT Means (VIDEO)

sister wivesOkay, so the name of tonight's episode of Sister Wives is "A Christmas Surprise." You got that? A. Christmas. Surprise. Not "A Christmas Miracle." Not "All I Want for Christmas Is My 2 Front Teeth" (although, that would be appropriate, but more on that in a minute). No, tonight is all about "A Christmas Surprise." Which, of course, begs the question: WHAT'S THE SURPRISE??

"I have some thoughts. See, the official episode synopsis reads: "The Browns celebrate Christmas a week later to give everyone time to move into the new houses. Meanwhile, Kody challenges his wives to a contest; and Robyn has a special gift for Kody."

UH-OH. A "special gift," eh??


Are you thinking what I'm thinking?? Baby #4,578?? (Okay, I think we'd only actually be at 18, but still.)

That would be the most interesting option, naturally -- so, probably that WON'T be the surprise. Maybe Robyn will dres up like a slutty elf and do a little dance! SURPRISE!!! Ha, no. Probably the surprise will be something about the week-late Christmas (surprise, Christmas is already over but here's your presents!) or maybe something about Meri's apparent talents as a tooth-puller. Mmm-hmm. That's right. Meri sure is good at pulling out teeth, it turns out -- so good that she's the only mom the kids trust to do their at-home dental work. Perhaps she's missed her calling?? I mean, I could totally see Meri rocking her sh*t as a dental hygienist. Couldn't you?? Wearing herself some scrubs and those white shoes?? 

You'll see what I mean in the clip below. But for now, what do you think ...

What will the the "Christmas Surprise" be on tonight's episode of Sister Wives

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