'True Blood' Season 6 Finale Preview: Sookie Has a Shocking Make-Out Session! (VIDEOS)

jason and violetIt's a bittersweet day for Trubies: On the one hand, we're just hours away from the True Blood Season 6 finale, yay!!! On the other hand, we're just hours away from the Season 6 finale, OH NO!!! I'm already going through withdrawal!! Tomorrow, the months of waiting for Season 7 begin ... and those will be some very long, vampire-less months. Still. At the very least, by this time tomorrow we'll have an answer to the one big, looming question that's been eating away at our very souls all summer long ... who's getting out of Season 6 alive???

Well, here's the good news: True Blood has released a couple of new clips from tonight's episode. Here's the less-than-good news:


Neither one of these clips gives us any hints about who's gonna live or who's gonna die. That said, they ARE pretty juicy. The first one gets points (a LOTTA points) simply for having some seriously hot Alcide-ness:

Dude can wear himself a suit!! (Also, Joe Manganiello is tall!! He might be almost Alexander Skarsgard-sized. Which, for the record, is MY definition of "fun-size.") 

Now. On to the next clip. This one gets points for shirtless Jason and ... well, you'll see:


Um, okay? Why not? A little girl vamp-on-girl faerie action never hurts!! BUT, you see my point -- sure, these clips are good for getting us all a little hot and bothered, but they tell us NOTHING about which characters are doomed to meet the True Death tonight ... tonight!!!

Which of these True Blood Season 6 finale clips do you think is hotter? 


Image via trueblood/YouTube

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