Amanda Bynes Caught Leaving Psychiatric Center

Amanda BynesAmanda Bynes has been sprung! But don't worry, the troubled actress didn't get very far. She's still under a mental health conservatorship, giving her parents permission to keep her in treatment, and they're doing just that. Richard and Lynn Bynes have had their daughter moved to the very place where Britney Spears was treated for her breakdown back in 2008.

Bynes has been holed up in the Hillmont Psychiatric Center since her unfortunate driveway fire incident, but photographers managed to catch a few photos of a ghostly image exiting the premises yesterday -- it was the once sweet-faced child star covered in a white sheet, decamping for a new home.


Bynes is reportedly now ensconsed in a room at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, which may be cushier digs than the psychiatric center. Still, her parents' conservatorship gives them the ability to keep her in a locked facility and force her to take medication, and that's in place until the end of September.

Hopefully they'll be able to make a difference for the troubled starlet there, and she can start over.

Were you surprised to hear Amanda Bynes got to leave the pyschiatric center? What do you think should happen with her now?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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