Chris Brown's Lying Catches Up to Him in Court

Chris BrownFed up with Chris Brown? Join the club! A Los Angeles district attorney and a judge are both members already. Together they just ensured the singer will spend at least 1,000 more hours working his tail off for the good of the world in some court-ordered community service.

Turns out Breezy has been up to no good ... again. The singer was supposed to be doing community service already -- part of his probation for beating up Rihanna in that famous domestic violence case.


But according to TMZ, Brown was trying to pull a fast one on the court, fudging his paperwork to make it look like he'd completed the 180 days -- 1,440 hours -- of community work he was initially ordered to do in exchange for not going to jail in the Rihanna case.


The good news is the lies didn't help him any. He's not getting any credit for what work he did do. Instead Chris Brown was handed down an order to do 1,000 MORE hours of work. He's also back on probation, which was revoked after that hit and run mess awhile ago.

That'll teach ya to mess with your paperwork, buddy!

Do you think Chris Brown will learn his lesson this time?


Image via Joel Telling/Flickr

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