Robert Pattinson's Latest 'Mystery' Girl Is a Gorgeous Star but He's Still Thinking About Kristen

Robert PattinsonSooooo ... let's check in with Robert Pattinson, shall we? What's ol' vampire pants up to? Rumor has it that Bachelor Rob has rented a swanky bachelor pad in the Beverly Hills. And he's hangin' wit' a new crew. A new crew that contains The O.C. alum Mischa Barton. Oh, and apparently The Fast & the Furious gal Michelle Rodriguez. Hangin' with some hot ladies. In his "sparsely furnished" five-bedroom bachelor pad. That's enough bedrooms for his lady crew. But is he rolling around in them?


Wellllzzzz ... a pal tells E! News that Rob isn't bunking down just yet. Says the source:

He does not seem particularly eager to get a new girlfriend quite yet. He's just taking each day as it comes and having fun.

Hmmm .... "having fun" could mean so many things!

I'll just name drop here for a sec and say I've seen Mischa Barton in person. She is one of the most stunning women I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot of stunning women. She is one of the few celebs that you see in person and think they look better than they do on the screen.

So Rob is hangin' with one smoking lady. But here's what I think is going down (so to speak). Nothing. Maybe he's hooking up with Riley Keough, maybe not. Maybe he's hooking up with Katy Perry, maybe not. Maybe Mischa, maybe not.

I say not. I say the man is hurting! He's heartbroken! I mean, he was just spotted at Kristen's house a couple of weeks ago. Was he grabbing what's left of his stuff? Is he stalking her? Or are they doing the on-off thing? Did he momentarily forget where he lived?

Yeah, I'm probably being naive. He's a young, handsome dude and women must be all over him. He's probably taking advantage of that.

But it's not making him happy! Because he and Kristen are soooooooul mates. Sorry, Mischa. (And Katy, and Riley, and ... )

Do you think Rob is hooking up with Mischa?

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