Prince William's World Travel Plans for Baby George Sound Like a Nightmare

Prince WilliamI think it's safe to say that no one looks forward to extensive traveling with a baby. The screaming on planes. The tantrums in restaurants. The possibility that they could get sick or injured. BUT! No one wants to totally put their life on hold and never go anywhere again just because they had a kid, right? Not to mention that kids can benefit from travel. Seeing new places. Experiencing other cultures and foods. Even all of that foreign bacteria can boost the immune system (after they get sick like a million times). So it's a big decision, to travel or not to travel with baby. And everyone has to make it -- even Prince William. Well, especially Prince William. Since he's, like, a royal. And it's his job to travel to other countries and make peace! Haha. Okay, he doesn't make peace. But he makes friends. That sort of thing. And he's talking about bringing little Prince George with him on a big trip next year.


The prince reportedly told an Australian couple, "We're hoping to go there next year." And an insider had already gossiped to US Weekly that the prince was planning a trip to Australia and New Zealand with the tiny future King.

A flight from London to Sydney is 21 hours. I don't care if you're a prince, and travel first class, or even in a private plane, that's a lot of hours to log on a plane with a baby! My friend just told me a lovely story about traveling with her toddler. The girl kept insisting on sitting on momma's lap -- like she always does. But plane regulations say baby NEEDS to be strapped into her seat. After being warned that they would have to leave the plane if her kid didn't sit the hell down, my friend and her husband literally HELD their kid in place -- as she screamed bloody murder -- and the plane took off. Haha. Fun, right?

As for Prince George, there are all of those people who will be clamoring to touch the kid. Would his dad let them? If he doesn't, he seems hoity toity. But if he does, that's like a bazillion germs that kid is being exposed to.

Of course, Wills himself came out of his own trip to Australia as a baby just fine. His mother, Princess Diana, took him there when he was just 9 months old, about the age George will be if he goes.

I mean, he survived, right? And no doubt Wills will have plenty of help. Though it sounds like he's doing some late night shifts, saying:

I have to say that I thought Search and Rescue duties over Snowdonia were physically and mentally demanding, but looking after a 3-week-old baby is up there!

Haha. Welcome to fatherhood, William!

Still, a royal is not like you and me. Prince George will undoubtedly have a full-time nanny with him on a trip like that. Possibly more than one. And the prince will have his various helpers (I don't think they call them "servants" anymore!).

But any trip with a baby is a hassle and a risk. Is it worth it? At the very least, people probably won't shoot Prince George dirty looks when he starts screaming on the plane. They'll be too busy cooing at him. But better him than me!

Do you think this is too young to travel?

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