Kim Kardashian Reportedly 'Tortured by Her Body' but She Shouldn't Let That Stop Her

Kim KardashianWe keep hearing about this: Kim Kardashian is in hiding until she loses the baby weight. According to Us Weekly the Dash doll, who has already lost a rumored 30 pounds of pregnancy weight, "won't leave her house" until she gets her bikini body back.

Well, we can confirm this isn't 100 percent true. In fact, Kim, Kanye, and North were spotted out just yesterday heading into an LA doctor's office.

From what I can see, Kim's looking just fine. But let's be honest, I can't blame her if she really doesn't want to be seen just yet. It's hard when you're not comfortable in your own skin. In fact, I think there are a LOT of women who can identify with the feeling of wanting to hide out when they're not 100 percent confident in their appearance.

I know I've definitely been there.


For me, it all happened so quick. Years and years ago I decided to brave the scale one night and saw a number I didn't like. For weeks from that moment forward, I felt uncomfortable. I felt embarrassed. Earlier that fateful day, before stepping onto the scale, I felt fine grabbing a bite with girlfriends. After the leap of faith, though, I felt self-conscious and ashamed. I felt tortured.

The facts? You can't just stop living life because you're not comfortable with your body. So the major question: How do you get over that? Well, for starters, find the right kind of clothes that do give you some body confidence. Whether that's opting for a slimming all-black ensemble or choosing the right pair of skinny jeans to complement your shape -- the options out there are limitless. 

Next tip? Adopt a good attitude. When you're feeling negative, you give out negative energy. That won't make for a good situation for anyone. Find activities and people that make you happy, that lighten your mood, and try to surround yourself with them. Recognize that you too are worthy of having a good time, even if you're not feeling 100 percent confident in yourself.

From the looks of things, Kim seems to be doing just fine post-baby. I understand the mindset behind wanting some big reveal, but hiding out just so she can "WOW" the public -- it ain't worth it, girl.

Can you relate?


Image via Us Weekly

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