Robert Pattinson's Move Must Be Kristen Stewart's Fault

Robert PattinsonSomebody's puttin' down some roots! Robert Pattinson bought a $3.5 million Beverly Hills pad, and now of course there's speculation that the only reason he's moving there is to get away from Los Feliz -- and Kristen Stewart and all her friends. You know, because bumping into her or them brings back "too many memories."


But here's the kicker. Want to know how far Los Feliz is from Beverly Hills? Nine miles.


Um, I'm no genius, but don't you think that if Rob really wanted to get away from Kristen, he'd pack up his stuff and get as far away from Los Angeles as possible? (Like New York or London, for example?)

I don't care how big of a city it is, L.A. is L.A. Odds are good that he and Kristen will bump into each other at some point or another no matter what neighborhood he lives in.

Yes, they were together for like a gazillion years and were very serious and all that jazz -- but does every single decision Rob makes nowadays have to be directly related to his breakup with Kristen?

Can't the dude choose to live wherever he pleases without it having anything to do with her? Can't he buy a house in whatever part of town he wants to? Considering the place cost $3.5 million, I'm guessing it's not too shabby -- so odds are good that he fell in love with it and simply wanted a really posh place to call home, and it just happened to be somewhere other than Los Feliz.

And while I'm sure he probably took the idea of being able to have a fresh start in a new hood into consideration, I highly doubt Rob's sole purpose of leaving Los Feliz was to avoid awkward encounters wtih Kristen. Something tells me he's mature enough to know how to handle himself should that situation arise -- no matter what part of the universe it occurs in.

Do you honestly think Rob is moving simply to escape KStew?


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