Kate Middleton's Maternity Leave Is Almost Over: What She Can Expect

kate middletonThe time every working mother dreads is fast-approaching for Kate Middleton. On September 12, the Duchess of Cambridge is set to return to work when she and Prince William attend the inaugural Tusk Conservation Awards as guests of honor. No more cuddling with Prince George all day in bed. No more leisurely midday stroller walks. No more napping when he naps. It's back to the grind. Actually -- wait a minute. Her Royal Highness will probably still be able to do a lot of those things when she returns to work, as her returning to work isn't quite like our returning to work.

In a lot of ways, Catherine's re-entrance into the work force will be easier than other working mums'. But in other ways, it's going to be a lot harder.

Here's how:


Easier: It isn't like Kate Middleton really works. I mean, she works. But. At the same time, she doesn't. What I mean is, it isn't like she's waking up at 5 every day to make herself a ham sandwich, before she gets the baby up and dressed to drop him off at daycare before she hops a 6:30 bus to make it into the office on time, where she'll then go cross-eyed from staring at TPS reports in an over-air-conditioned cubicle. Her job is a bit more glamorous than that. And the hours appear to be much more flexible.

Harder: When we return to work, we don't have millions of people staring at us and analyzing how tired we look or how much baby weight we lost. Just our small group of coworkers.

Easier: Kate likely still gets to spend all day with Prince George the day she has to go back to work.

Harder: When we return to work, we don't have the Queen of England's Eye of Mordor stare burning a hole in our spit-up-stained dresses. In fact, we'll likely get a pat on the back if we're wearing something that doesn't have spit-up on it. Expectations are much lower for commoners.

Easier: The night before Kate's big day, if she really needs some sleep, she can likely get it. There has to be a baby nurse or a nanny floating around somewhere in the palace, who can take care of Prince George while Kate gets her shut-eye. For the rest of us, it's coffee and under-eye concealer city.

Harder: Kate will have to talk to important people about important things. And that's not always easy when you've been locked away in Babyland for months and your brain has turned into a pile of mommy mush. David Cameron who? Does he have a sling line or something? All the non-baby small talk we have to worry about when we return to work is what went on on Real Housewives the night prior.

What was returning to work like for you?

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